Compensation and Benefits

We will provide the right candidate a competitive salary and excellent career development platform.


We set up a clear and fair pay scale in our compensation system and will be regularly reviewed in order to match up with the market and ensure the remuneration of employees with a competitive advantage.


1.40 working hours per week in average;

2.Entitlement of comprehensive social security benefits depending on location of employment. For PRC employment, we provide social insurance and housing fund. For HK employment, we provide MPF, medical insurance and travel insurance;

3.Reward PRC employee with excellent performance by supporting Hukou transfer;

4.Various entertaining activities organized on monthly basis;

5.Different leaves entitlement, including paid annual leave, marriage leave, sick leave, ,paternity leave, etc;

6.Comprehensive free of charge facilities provided, including dormitories, WIFI, libraries, basketball courts and so on.

7.Free shuttle bus provided for employee travelling to and from port (Huanggang and Futian Port) and factory.