About Us

Development History

Green Mobility launched a range-extended electric vehicle for use in the Hong Kong market.
CN Bio began commercial sales of Liver Chip.
Vitalink SZ, one of our PRC subsidiaries, obtained ‘‘New and High-Tech Enterprise'' status pursuant to the Administrative Measures for the Determination of Advanced Technology Enterprises.
We ramped up our production of touch panels for use in media tablet and smart phone products.
We commenced commercial production of touch panels.
We introduced active optical assembly to complement our optical coating business.
We reengineered and refitted two sets of roll-to-roll machinery and components purchased in the United States. We have since then developed our roll-to-roll manufacturing techniques which, when combined with our expertise in thin film technologies and laser ablation, enable us to produce window films which are typically used to laminate window panels in commercial buildings and ITO sensor film used in touch panels.
We commenced commercial production of cover glass.
We established our laser technology design subsidiary, based in Oxford, United Kingdom with expertise in laser technology.
We opened our first glass processing plant in Pinghu, Shenzhen. We established our precision tooling facility with tolerances of 2microns in Shenzhen.
We established manufacturing operations in Switzerland.
We acquired an optical coating production facility with angstrom-level precision and associated technology, including a patent portfolio for rotary dual axis magnetron sputtering technology, from an independent third party. The acquisition has enabled us to commercialize our thin film technology and to design and develop our proprietary in-house equipment.
Early 2000s
We expanded our industry reach to include communications, computer and consumer electronics products, including, in particular, components for mobile handsets.
We successfully adapted thin film coating technologies to our surface treatment and roll-to-roll processes.
We began to develop patents for nano-composite coating technology capable of modifying properties of other coatings to suit the functionality of their applications.
We invested in the development and commercialization of our thin film, powder metallurgy and metal injection technologies, which complemented our metal processing capabilities and enabled us to reduce the use of chemical agents and our dependence on galvanic plating.
Late 1980s and early 1990s
We expanded our production of watch components with the introduction of surface treatment and MIM technology to provide value-added aesthetics and precision parts.
We trace our roots and corporate culture to Chung Nam Company, a sole proprietorship founded in 1935 by the late Mr. and Mrs. Chong Ching Um.