Q: What product or service does CN Innovations offer?
A Metal Injection Molding (MIM), Phone Case, Watch Movement, Case, Watchband, Watch, Electronics Products, Touch Panel, Optical Coating, Physical Vapor Deposition Coating(PVD), Environmental Friendly Motor Car and etc.
Q: How does CN Innovations train the graduate trainee?
A All graduate trainee will participate in a two-month training program which they will be taught about the CN Innovations corporate culture, problem solving skills, theoretical and practical knowledge of sales & marketing, finance, human resources, research and development, production and quality management and etc. After that, on-job training will be then provided.
Q If the graduate trainee doesn't suit for the current position, does the company allow internal transfer to other department?
A Yes, we will offer work related training and guidance to the graduate trainee in fulfilling the job duties in the current position and we also take into consideration for the job rotation and internal transfer for the graduate trainee.
Q What kind of skills or abilities that CN Innovations preferred in the campus recruitment?
A Apart from the candidate's professional knowledge, we shall also evaluate personal attitude and characteristics, motivation in learning and personal potential development.
Q If I miss your company's campus recruitment talk, can I still have the chance to join CN Innovations?
A CN Innovations is currently in a stage of rapid development and expansion, you may keep an eye on our recruitment status for the job vacancies update on our "Careers" webpage from time to time.
Q How often will the salary be adjusted and how will it be adjusted?
A The first salary adjustment will be right after your probation based on the performance appraisal conducted by your immediate supervisor and the annual performance appraisal will be reviewed every July. Any promotion or salary adjustment may be applied but based on the individual performance as well as the Company performance. It is also subject to the Company's solely discretion.
Q What is the career path in CN Innovations?
A: CN Innovations adopts dual career development mechanism for you to develop in technical expertise and managerial talent.
Q How long will I get a promotion?
答: CN Innovations is expanding rapidly and it will be lots of opportunities for you when you get ready.