Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development

CN Innovations is a science and technology company with strong sense of social responsibility and environment protection. We paid great effort for environmental protection and energy conservation apart from pursuing economic efficiency.

Resource conservation

Resource conservation is one major aspect of environment protection in CN Innovations. Various measures were adopted for continuous reduction of energy consumption.

For water conservation, we invested more than 100 million yuan to create a water reuse device which can effectively transform the industrial waste water into the ordinary tap water via a series of processing equipment (sterilization, disinfection, filtration, RO, reverse osmosis membrane, etc. ). In addition, we had continuously improved our production process and equipment design to minimize the use of water. As a result, the water consumption reduced about 143,520 tons per year while the industrial wastewater discharge is also reduced to a great extent.

For electricity conservation, we adopt the quality management approach to improve production efficiency and stability, thus enhance economic efficiency while reducing the energy consumption. Furthermore, we take the initiatives to set up energy saving plans and targetsregularly, such as installing energy saving lighting system, air-conditioning system, and so on.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is the root of the corporate mission of CNInnovations, and this mission has been accomplished with evidences all over the world. In the United States, the self-developed low-emissivity film technology has been widely praised; in the United Kingdom, we investedin biological sciences for developing green and non-polluted medical products; in Hong Kong, the development of "green electric car" greatly reducing diesel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions; in Sichuan, we invest to protect the rare Gongga Mountain red rocky natural resources; in Shenzhen, through technological breakthroughs, we adopt laser etching instead of chemical etching in producing the touch panels.