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Capacitive Touch Panel

We are a leader in applying laser technology to touch panel production for smart devices, such as 3-inch to 13.3-inch tough panels for smart devices. We are capable of commercially producing GG, GFF, GF1 and G1F1 touch panels.

Our touch panels are mainly used in smart devices, media tablets and computer display. We developed the application of laser technology to glass and file for use in touch panels, which is more efficient and environmentally friendly than typical chemical etching processes.

Stack up Introduction ------ GF series



G1F Structure          GF1 Structure


 GG Structure

TOL Structure

Self developed process and machine – Laser process



Automatic Machines – Printing Line

Our ability to process our own cover glass results in lower costs and more competitive pricing. Our integrated production of both cover glass and touch sensors combines with our lamination capabilities provide a one-stop solution to any consumer, resulting in increased efficiency, higher production yields and lower costs.
Our ability to perform double-sided, single-pass laser ablation on glass allows us to produce thinner touch panels with shorter lead times, more design flexibility and at lower costs than single-sided, multi-pass manufacturing processes.
Our laser ablation technology allows us to efficiently process small touch panels individually compared to chemical etching processes that use sheets that must be cut after photolithographic printing, resulting in higher production yields and stronger products.

Touch Panel Sample Product


Capacitive Touch Panel Core Processes



ITO Coating

Laser Patterning


Testing / Quality Control


Core Equipments

R2R Printing + Curing

R2R Laser Patterning

Cell type auto Printing + in line Curing

Cell  type line ITO Sputtering

Cell type Patterning