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Project Initiation: “2014 Hundred Talent Plan” for CNI’s graduate trainee program


CNI has nearly a hundred years enterprise history, it not only has the deep enterprise culture, also is an aspiring company which adheres to the industrial development, exert a force for national rejuvenation and development.

“2014 Hundred Talent Plan”— the Campus Recruitment Program — We start from here


In March 2014, the launch of campus recruitment was covering the five area of country including the south china, central china, southwest and northwest of jiangxi.

“2014 Hundred Talent Plan” — Check-in Day — Chase Dream


On July 12, it was an important day for the fresh graduates who reported to the central headquarters in CNI Company. Although the weather was scorching in Shenzhen's summer, the fresh graduates have fully prepared to report for duty. From starting of students came to company in first day, the staff of human resources and administration department were working as sitters who were very careful and rich humanistic for arranging their living, clothing, diet, transportation, learning and life.

“2014 Hundred Talent Plan” Class ceremony — Enterprise cultural inheritance


On 17 July, it established the internship training camp which held a grand opening ceremony. Mr Zhuang XueXi who is senior managing director and core character in whole of CNI attended to this opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Mr. Zhuang taught interns the vivid enterprise culture and sharing his precious life experience to the students.

“2014 Hundred Talent Plan” The graduation ceremony


"TIME FLIES, THE SUN IS LIKE A BOAT."The interns have trained in the past two months. During this period, the human resources department held different courses for developing their talents, such as all kinds of sports cultural activities, also improving their life in rich and colorful.

New direction and new start in staff caring of CN Innovations – Seminar of future development of Group Human Resources and Administration Department


On January 17, 2014, the Group Human Resources and Administration Department held a seminar of "New direction and new start in staff caring of CN Innovations" and participated with HR & Admin colleague from different business units for future improvement on staff caring service in the coming year of 2014.

The Lean Six Sigma training program has been successfully completed and witness significant outcome


Started from May 2013, CN Innovations initiated the Lean Six Sigma training program and continuing to promote and completed 22 projects, cumulatively saved RMB 16.1 million.